We’re constantly looking out for awesome people to join our community and help make Solium a world-class static analyser that keeps production code in check. There are various opportunities for you to contribute to Solium, regardless of whether you’re new to the project or deeply familiar with it.

A few areas where we could use some help are:

  • All the issues on our repository tagged with Contributors needed and Help wanted. These include adding new rules, moving the codebase to ES6, fixing some of the existing rules (like whitespace or indentation).
  • If you’re, by now, pretty familiar with Solium’s codebase, you could also fix the un-tagged issues.
  • Feedback & Suggestions - always welcome. The author of solium sucks at User experience and would love to hear about what pain points still exist in your smart contract development workflow (regardless of whether they’re directly related to solium or not).
  • This documentation! Yep, we could certainly use more eyeballs that can correct typos, paraphrase instructions, introduce diagrams or simply make the docs much cleaner.